iTunes 7 not working
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Troubles with iTunes 7...

I have yet to get any release of iTunes 7 to see my music... any of it!

I have three locations (home, work, parents) with music stored in a network location at each that is accessed from workstations (Windows) in each, iTunes 6 saw these networked music locations just fine however 7 does not, I have tried reinstalling and tinkering at all 3 locations but all behave the same way, iTunes doesnt see any music when I point it to the network share. Who broke iTunes?

Winamp works fine btw...

Little help?
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I'm assuming all computers are running version 7...

If I recall correctly, some of itunes' preferences structures changed with version 7, and there's a pref pane (under parental controls) to turn off sharing. Is that checked/unchecked?
posted by hamfisted at 11:29 AM on March 6, 2007

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