Wordpress subscriber options?
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How can I let Wordpress blog subscribers choose how often they are notified of updates?

We're running a number of different blogs at work. Some users don't want to receive notification of blog updates more than once a week. How can I give readers the option of receiving a notification when the blog is updated OR every [specific time period]? Notification should be automatic (not a newsletter that requires us to generate it) and preferably not based on x number of posts, but on periods of time. Information in the blog is company confidential so outside services like Zookoda probably aren't the best option. Wordpress forums, as always, have been entirely unhelpful. Any plugins/suggestions, etc?
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Last time I looked, there weren't great options for this as far as wordpress plugins went. I considered using some sort of wordpress > e-mail plugin that sent automatic updates to a mailing list, and then using mailing list software that allowed users to choose whether they wanted immediate notification of new mails, or some sort of periodic digest.

Another option is to see if their is an RSS to e-mail package that would do what you want. I don't know of any that do offhand, but it seems like an obvious feature.
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