There's a hole in my face
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RevoltingFilter: I have a hole in my face. It resembles a large blackhead, but is a permanent fixture. Out of curiosity, I stuck a pin in it to gauge its depth. To my horror, amazement and admiration, it was 8mm deep. What on earth is this thing?
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It's not this, is it?
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Maybe an abscess?
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Response by poster: AV, I never imagined anyone else would sink so low as to ask this question, so (to my shame) I didn't check the tags. However, it's in my chin not by my ear, so, no it's something else.
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Response by poster: Apart from location, it does resemble a smaller version of this this preauricular pit.
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Oh I don't blame you, I wouldn't have thought it either! I guess that's MeFi for you.
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beniamino, have you always had it? if not, when did it appear? do you remember the stages of its formation? i'm guessing that you haven't always had it, otherwise you might have learned early on what it is. but on the other hand, maybe every doctor you went to assumed it had already been explained to you. So if its a recent thing, you probably ought to see a doctor and they will either be able to tell you what it is, or refer you to a specialist who can. if it is painful, irritating, discharging any fluids, multiplying, or growing at all, it is a good idea to see the doc sooner rather than later.
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Location matters extremely; it may be a branchial cleft cyst.
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I've had a small "hole" at my jawline, sort of like a somewhat enlarged pore but that has considerable depth, for as long as I can remember -- sounds like what you have. I've never thought anything of it. Perhaps if it became inflamed or if stuff came out of it, I'd go to the doctor, but I don't think it's anything to worry about. Probably even if stuff came out I'd not be too concerned -- it's sort of like a sebaceous cyst minus the bump.
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I searched for "abscess" on youtube and now I am scarred for life. Fortunately, it would seem you have something much less disgusting.
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Response by poster: It's right on my chin, about an inch below, and half an inch to the side of my mouth. I'm positively seething with excitement at the idea that I might have residual gills, but sadly it's definitely not on the lateral part of my neck.

I've had it a long time, it's certainly not infected and it hasn't changed noticeably in 5-10 years. I'm asking out of curiosity rather than concern.
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I once had a wart on a toe that was a deep pit and not a bump.
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Best answer: Sounds like it might be Winer's Dilated Pore. I have one too, but I always thought it was for extracting jammed CDs.
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Best answer: Might also be the similar Pilar Sheath Acanthoma.
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yeoz said it best.
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