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Firefoxfilter: Flash stops playing in background

I'm using Firefox on WindowsXP. When moving to another tab, scrolling down the page or switching to another application, embedded Flash objects stop playing (e.g. music, videos). That is, unless I have another FF tab in the foreground that also contains a Flash object. Also, sometimes Flash objects will only play on one page if another Flash-containing page is in the foreground.

This must be a bug or a problem with my setup but I can't find it in BugZilla and I've tried disabling all extensions, reinstalling Flash and Firefox to no avail.

It doesn't happen in IE.. Any ideas how I can fix it?
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I have seen this lately, but I thought it was a "feature" in certain flash players. For example, mefi music stops playing when I cover the browser window.

However, other flash sites, like youtube, seem perfectly happy to play in the background. (I'm on basically the same setup as you)
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Yeah... it does that for me too. No fix that I know of. It's very flaky.
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Thirded. I have that problem too, both in windows and linux.
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heh, and i thought it was just me and my plethora of FF extensions conflicting with something. glad to know i'm not alone.

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