What did my computer do on 1/31/06?
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Does OSX (10.4.8) keep a record of the CDs I burn? I recently applied to a competition by sending a CD of three jpegs. I know which date I burned the CD, but I can't remember which jpegs I applied with. Is there a record of this information anywhere on my computer?
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There's an option that let's you "Save the burn folder as..." It's the burn folder, full of aliases to the original. The option is presented as a checkbox on the burn dialog.

If you didn't do that, I don't think you can get it back.
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If you haven't burned anything since then, maybe the software has a "recent list" that has that info?
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You can find all kinds of interesting logs by running the Console application (under Utilities in your Applications folder). Click on Logs in the toolbar. However, I'm not sure whether the level of detail you're looking for is recorded or not.
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I don't think you'd find such information anywhere in the console or other log files, as I'm pretty sure the burning a CD just isn't logged anywhere.

What you can do is this:

Open Finder, go File -> Find. Hit the "+" button near the top right to add a new variable. Change it to "Last opened", then choose "Exactly". Put in the date (which I'm guessing is 1/31/06), clear the other variables search. See what images come up. It will probably be more than the 3 you burned, but it should at least narrow your search.

Spotlight for the win!
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In the future, use Disco, as it keeps track of all your burned files
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