Console cats!
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When I was growing up in Russia, one of my friends had a nifty 2D console (at least NES-era, possibly better) that we played every now and then. In one of his games (a side-scroller), you controlled several humanoid cats, each with a different body shape, color, and speciality. I'm fairly certain that one of them could dig.

Unfortunately, that's pretty much all I remember, save for a large-headed sideways-moving creature that had musical notes or bubles floating above its head -- but that might've been from a different game. I also faintly recall a boss stage in which the boss (positioned at the top of the screen) dropped spider-like creature onto the player at the bottom of the screen, and into pits which the player may or may not have dug.

Ring any bells?
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Bubble bobble? Sounds wrong. What year are you talking about? "When I was growing up..." Jeez, can't you people be a little more specific? :>
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Best answer: There was a NES game based on Samurai Pizza Cats. Here's a video of one of its levels.
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Response by poster: No, it's not Bubble Bobble.
Year = ~1990.
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Response by poster: Nice find, owenkun! That may very well be it.
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Cool, I hope so. Samurai Pizza Cats was an anime first, it was on TV in the US back when I was still in school.

Given that it's originally from Japan, you may want to search for its title there, Kyattou Ninden Teyande.
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The TV series.
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