Seeking pretty, Hello Kitty-free hair accessories
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Where can I find pretty things for my hair? I'm looking for online shops and stores in DC, New York and Pittsburgh. No tiaras, please.

Where can I find hair combs, barrettes, clips and other fun accessories for my hair, both for my upcoming wedding and for everyday wear? I like what I see at and I'm in love with this Tacori piece. I would like to avoid tiaras, mini-crowns, plastic or anything that would look silly on an adult woman.

I'm also looking for plain metal combs and clips that I can embellish myself.
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Not much on the site besides scarves, but I think Propper Topper carries a few nice fripperies in the store. (DC.)
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Colette Malouf?
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Nordstrom always has a great selection of hair accessories.
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Laila Rowe has stores in NY and in Tyson's Corner (NoVA).
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You might try heading over to Eastern Market some Saturday and Sunday (the vendors are different to some extent from one day to the next) and see what's out there. Saturday is the more hand-made day, Sunday is heavier on resellers.

Plus you can have the famous blueberry pancakes at Market Lunch (Sat only)
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There are two kiosks in the Pentagon City mall that actually have very pretty hair combs, clips, chopsticks, etc. I know, lots of people think those rhinestoney kiosks only sell cheesy stuff, but we found some gorgeous clips and combs there and wore some in a recent DC wedding.
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H&M, of course!
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I like these feather hair ornaments. A warning though - I have ordered from this site three times, and the third time never got the goods (though I had paid), and no responses to emails. I also keep an eye on ebay with searches like "feather hair" and "coin hair".
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Take a browse through I find it a bit overwhelming and the navigation features are really just candy and not very practical, but I've mined the "Treasury" page to find good stuff before. There is a tonne of beautiful stuff on the site, it's just a matter of finding it.
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Chocolate Moose on L Street has some nice French hair clips.
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When I was getting married I was obsessed with this comb called a "convertible headpiece" made by Cristina Garcia. (Can't link directly to it--don't be put off by the front page; it's not a tiara.) It was hundreds of $$ though, so I made do with the Fan Dancer Backpiece from Naugi. It looked great, and wasn't too big.
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Also, if you wanted to do very simple rhinestone accents in your hair, those kiosks in the mall that look super-cheesy actually have some nice tiny combs that disappear into your hair, leaving only the small rhinestones to be seen. Would be pretty for a wedding or, in very small quantities, even a night out. I can't think of the actual name of those kiosks, sorry!
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Response by poster: I really love the stuff at Naugi! More of that please.
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Seconding Chocolate Moose in DC and your primo source for all things sparkly, Girlprops in NYC.
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Oh, also check out Perfect Details. . .
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