Grunge fashion comeback?
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Grunge fashion comeback?

I keep hearing more and more about grunge again, see more flannel being worn, and even see 'grunge' as a style for New York Spring Fashion Week...Besides the re-kindled appreciation for 90s indie-rock, are there particular designers putting out new takes on grunge fashion again? Are there cool mashups of flannel and denim? I'm a guy, I want to see if I can bring some flannel and grunge looks (besides the ripped jeans) back into my wardrobe in a sensible, forward-thinking way (meaning not ditching everything I own and dressing like I did back in '95). Suggestions?
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Live the comeback, have no direction, no ambition, leave your job and get all your Sub Pop 7" back out of the cupboard.

Love it!
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Forgot to add - surely thereisn't really a Grunge fashion so to speak? for "classic grunge" just head to your nearest 2nd hand clothes store, find a few well worn t-shirts, flannel shirts and jeans. If it's cold get a big oversized wool jumper.

Just do your best to look like you don't care. If you do care how you look... well, that's not too grungy is it?
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Grunge-lite in one form or another has been around for the past few years—think boho-chic (for women, anyway). On Sienna Miller it's occasionally cute, on the Olsen twins it's mildly amusing, and on the average schmo it's half a step above looking homeless.

Maybe something like this would be a more acceptable way to go? It looks vaguely edgy without suggesting that you haven't showered this month, which is perhaps not such a good look for an adult.

But going whole hog and digging out the flannels? Honestly, if you're over 20, and ESPECIALLY if you're over 25, I wouldn't even think about it.
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This time around, grunge is more about denim and black and stripes, not so much plaid flannel, although that is part of it. It's been reinterpreted to be sleeker and more upscale and closer to the body. I find the idea of grunge and deliberate, designer-involved fashion kind of amusing, to tell the truth. But sure, it would be easy to add pieces to freshen up what you already own, and of course finding them at a thrift shop makes it even better.

I made up this little visual for you, with images I found at Here are the results when doing a search for grunge there.
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I've been trying to bring grunge back for two years, but unfortunately I have a thing for cute designer jeans which isn't allowing me to go all the way back in time.
I think you should do it. But I can't really tell you how.
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Derelict Campaign.
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I think Kurt Cobain would commit suicide again if he saw his name associated with this link provided by iconomy.
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To clarify a bit more: It's really depressing that a non-style created by poor kids who wanted to reject the commodification of their world has now been turned into a commodity.
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Grunge went out of style? My closet didn't get the memo.
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Quit shaving, sleep in your pants, and incorrectly quote Nietzsche.

Wallow in the fabulousness.
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unibrow a plus.
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My daughter and her friend sing this in my car sometimes. Little did they realize how fashion-forward they were.

He's bringing homeless back (yeah!)
Them other hobos don't know how to act (yeah!)
Give him some money he can spend on crack (yeah!)
An' girl, just let him dig all in your trash (Take it to the bridge!) ...

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Click through this slideshow from yesterday's NY Times Magazine. It's not only returned, it's now gone upscale.

$425 for a pair of frayed khaki shorts. I guess if you are embarrassed to walk into an Abercrombie, you will have to pay through the nose.
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Astonished that jonmc hasn't popped up in this thread yet.
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I made up this little visual for you

Jesus, that's just the gayest grunge I've ever seen.
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Jesus, that's just the gayest grunge I've ever seen

The denim one is *really* feminine. I laughed when I saw the tie around the waist. Grunge this time around seems to totally be about vests and girly clothes....weird.
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Over the winter, I saw a lot of denim + flannel + boots on Superfuture's (a very fashion-forward message board) What Are You Wearing Today? thread. The difference between what I'm seeing today and what I saw 10-15 years ago is in the fit. everything now is much, much more fitted - straight-leg jeans with narrow hems with slim-fitting flannels & western shirts (both often from Japanese manufacturers).
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