Looking for a strange ring tone I heard in China in 2005.
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Looking for a strange ring tone I heard in China in 2005.

I've cruised the crappy ringtones sites out there on the internets and I'm having zero luck finding a ringtone I heard on a phone while in China. It sounds like a bird - kind of a weird chirping noise. When I first heard it I thought there was a bird in the room.

Anyone have a clue where I can find such a thing?
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Depending on what kind of phone you have, it may be possible to make your own using, e.g., some CreativeCommons licensed sound clips.
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Heh, I just asked my pal at lunch today: "Did your phone just chirp?"

He sheepishly replied: "It's the sound of a Star Trek communicator."
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This might not help, but I do know that LG Cyon cell phones have pre-loaded chirps and whistle notes that sound like what you described. They're pretty prevalent in Korea/Asia.
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My mother's LG (bought in America) also has a chirping noise as a default ringtone. I think it may be standard on all of their phones.
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