modern slide guitar music
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For a friend: I'm looking for modern rock songs that feature slide guitar. Think "I Want to be the Boy" by the White Stripes.
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Queens of the Stone Age did a lot of creepy slide ambience on their new album, and Muse uses one on occasion ("Hate This and I'll Love You").
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White Zombie – More Human Than Human
Aerosmith – Rag Doll
Joe Satriani – Champagne
Metallica – Devil's Dance
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Actually, Khalad's onto something. Metallica's Load and Reload albums have slide guitar on about half the songs.
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Chris Fry of Magenta uses a slide quite a bit, notably on the title track of the "I'm Alive" EP.
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Coldplay uses slide a lot. A friend had the DVD and I was surprised at how often the lead riffs are done with a slide. I think the lead part to don't panic is slide.

STP' s big empty has slide.

Loser by beck
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Derek Trucks Band. Derek Trucks is an awesome slide guitarist. If you put his name into Google you will get a lot of links to slide guitar music.
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Seconding Derek Trucks - saw him live, he's unbelievable. Also, try Robert Randolph and the Family Band.
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Slash used one on GnR's "Welcome to the Jungle". Depeche Mode used it (I believe) on "Personal Jesus".

David Eugene Edwards uses one fairly often (for example here), and so does (or did) Rowland S. Howard, at least post-Crime&tCS.
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Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Aberdeen

Can't remember if the rest of his stuff has slide in or not.
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Stereolab - Captain Easychord
Smog - Feather by Feather
Neko Case - Hex
Beck - Loser, The Golden Age, Side of the Road
Devendra Banhart - When the Sun Shone on Vetiver
Palace - New Partner, Gulf Shores
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Fountain And Fairfax by The Afghan Whigs .. actually most of their stuff is heavy on the slide.
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Simple Kid - Lil King Kong
Simple Kid - Staring At The Sun
Beck - Emergency Exit
anything by Ben Harper
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The new Applies in Stereo single, Energy, has a slide solo.

Lots of recent indie pop and folk pop and alt country and what have you uses pedal steel and such, but I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for.
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Tom Wait's Lowdown on the "Brawlers" disc of the Orphans set has a slide solo used to very similar effect as that White Stripes song.
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Judith by A Perfect Circle
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Rocco DeLuca & The Burden?
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Mogwai - "Acid Food"
The Afghan Whigs - "Slide Song"
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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue
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Breeders - "No Aloha"
Bedhead - "Roman Candle"
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Doug Martsch plays a ton of slide guitar on his solo album, it's not all rock, but it is a fantastic album.
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Ben Harper - Ground On Down.
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