Roast Whole Pineapple
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Tell me about how to roast a whole pineapple.

So the supermarket had whole pineapples on sale last night. My wife and I love the whole roasted pineapples that are brought around at the rodizio restaurants. What's the proper way to roast a whole pineapple, rodizio-style?
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Best answer: I would suggest quartering and coring it, coating the pieces in cinnamon and sugar, and grilling, either on skewers or just on the grill. Wait for the cinnamon to carmelize. I've seen some places use cinnamon liqueur, but that's more for show than is practical to do at home.
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Best answer: This recipe explains how to roast a pineapple whole.
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Man, that sounds delicious! The question had me searching, and while this isn't what you're looking for, I think I'll definitely have to try this Tequila and lime baked pineapple from Epicurious some time soon.
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Flagged as delicious.
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Response by poster: We used the recipe wryly linked (minus the rum - in Utah on a Sunday there's no place to buy any), and it was pretty tasty. Next time, we're going to give seymour.skinner's skewer-and-grill method a shot.
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