Will taking Adderall be a "permanent deferral" from donating bone marrow?
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Will taking Adderall be a "permanent deferral" from donating bone marrow?

I am wanting to be put on the bone marrow donor list, but I am wondering if Adderall will prevent me from doing so. I found this link (for California):

Does anyone know if this is true for Virginia? If so, why?
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Oh, wow. I don't have the answer, but that might explain why I haven't received the marrow registry kit I ordered after I saw this comment in a previous thread .
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IANAL (or doctor!) but it seems to me that the deferrals are in cases of conditions, not treatment. If that's the case, it wouldn't matter if you take Adderall, because the fact remains that you have AD/HD. Stupid rule, but so are many others.
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Donor registry medical guidelines do not list adderall as a block to registration as a donor, but suggest that some specific medications not listed may be incompatible with donation. This national registry suggests you call (800) MARROW2 and they will answer questions of this specific nature.
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As I understand it, dexamphetamine clears from your system pretty quickly, and ADHD is not a condition which is considered to be transmissable.

Why not call the blood bank and ask them?

I'm taking it myself and it's not an issue for the blood bank.
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