Where can I find cool chat/IM sounds?
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I'm looking for chat/IM sounds that aren't pop culture and don't suck. I can't find anything that properly balances between obnoxious and ignorable. Seems like something Apple would have done but I'm coming up dry.
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Actually I find iChat's subdued blips to be a lot less grating than, say MSN Messenger's or (goes without saying) ICQ's.
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I had this same problem a while back when I got fed up with the AIM bloopbloopbloops. My solution was a strange one: I opened up the sound effects folder of an old Rainbow Six CD and copied out some of the more interesting beeps, ticks, and bings. It had some nice subtle effects, and I'm sure any other game would have a similar selection.
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oh come on now. people rely on apple for far too much if it is expected for them to have good im sounds. use a real system so you no longer have to have a surrogate computer mommy.

the idea of finding sounds that your ears like from sources you are familiar with is what is going to keep on being repeated here, so i also suggest that course of action.
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The beep. The plain, simple, beep which is already on your computer (mac or windows). Not grating, doesn't blend in with music, and ends quickly.
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Response by poster: Sorry, I kind of confused two ideas there in my last sentence. On one hand, it seems like the kind of thing Apple would get right, since regardless of your other opinions of them, they are known for their attention to this kind of detail. So it would be interesting to hear iChat's. But this doesn't really help me since I don't have a Mac at the moment.

Given how many designers replace the system icons with more elegant ones, I figured the same resources would be out there for system sounds. Maybe it's a niche waiting to be filled.

I tried a bell sound from St. Paul's, which was pretty trippy for a while and very natural, but ended up giving me a headache when I was in several chats.
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The sounds in Trillian Pro were the first set I didn't want to replace.
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