Can you help me pick out vegetarian boots and food for my trip to Alaska this May?
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I'm visiting South-East Alaska in mid-May and am in need of vegetarian recommendations for the best non-leather shoes to buy/bring for the conditions, and best veg restaurants to eat at, too! Recommendations for either, please.

We're visiting Alaska in mid-May and plan to do lots of walking, hiking, driving, and all-around out-and-abouting. Reading in the almanac, the Anchorage area seems to be in the 40s-50s with mostly cloudy days. We'll be visiting the glaciers, fjords and mountains, so I think I need rugged, waterproof shoes, so am looking for non-leather, non-suede, vegetarian options for longterm comfortable wear in all these conditions.

I've searched Zappos but it's hard to look for shoes that are both Vegetarian as well as athletic and waterproof, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

Or, if Alaska is going to be pretty easy weather-wise at that point and I'm just over-preparing, let me know and I'll just pack my Onitsuka tiger running shoes.

Additionally, we'll be in Homer, Seward, Anchorage and Talkeetna if anyone can recommend a great vegetarian restaurant we shouldn't miss, too.
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some vegan boots here

(and Susie! I'm drinking soda while using your pop cozy right now!)
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Well, SE Alaska, in the panhandle, is pretty wet most of the time; however, none of the towns you mention are actually in the SE. Anchorage is not all that wet.

I would recommend hiking boots for hiking, I seem to recall seeing some veggie hikers at REI. You should really try on hiking boots in person, and if you have never had a pair before it would help to have them fitted. Buy them before you go so you can break them in.
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earth shoes have good selection of non-leather shoes but I'm not sure about hiking boots, they would be worth a shot
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I've been quite happy with these.

Not waterproof, but they've done pretty well by me hiking in sun, snow and rain.

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I've bought from this UK store (though not trail wear myself) and it seems they ship to the US
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Response by poster: pinky - thanks! and that is so cool! you know we only made a few of those..

yohko - oh! on the map, anchorage looks like south east to me. south east is considered the panhandle though?! what is anchorage + surrounding area called, then? thanks for the tip about the boots + wetness.

ursus- those boots would be perfect. unfortunately, they're suspiciously missing my size (or anything close to it)!
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Response by poster: oh, it's considered south central alaska! dang, i wish i could edit my post.
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I have these from mooshoes, and have spent many, many hours in them with no complaints.
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I have a pair of the "Veggie Trekker Mk 4" from the UK Store mentioned above; they have been fine for hiking in Finland in similar conditions to those you describe.
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OK, sorry, opened the thread and didn't read it for a few hours, then replied....
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There's a Natural Pantry in Anchorage and also New Sagaya markets (there are two of those) - both have decent choices.

whatever you do stock up before you go out of town because you won't find much outside of Anchorage.

Seward has a Safeway if I remember correctly.

there might be a vegetarian restaurant in Girdwood - halfway between seward and anchorage. it's a cool little town near aleyeska ski resort. moosetooth in anchorage is a pizza place but they have veg. options.

Juneau will probably have better choices for veg. foods but overall Alaska is big on fish and meat. if you give in, go for halibut everytime! have fun up there.
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Washington Trail Association blog just had a post about vegan boots a few days ago.
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