Poker in Shreveport?
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Where's the best poker room in Shreveport / Bossier City, Louisiana?

A friend and some of his low-rolling buddies are headed to Louisiana this weekend. My google recon turns up mostly generic stats and internet gambling ads. Any first hand experience?

I'm interested in finding the best place for a $300-500 bankroll to last the weekend. Low limit Hold 'em, poker and blackjack tournaments, and $5 blackjack are my favorites. I could care less about slots. Good drink service and no-smoking would be nice, but not required.
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Not to disparage the poker knowledge of the good people on AskMeFi, but I would suggest posting that question in the Brick and Mortar forum on 2+2 (aka,, aka, "the largest poker forum on teh Intrawebs.") Good luck this weekend.
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I second 2+2. If you don't get any answers there (you will, though), then stick to the name-brand casinos like Harrahs, etc.
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The last time I was there, only the Horseshoe and Eldorado spread poker. It was small stakes stuff, 4/8 limit and 1/2 and 2/5 NL. Both rooms were about the same level of fancy and the Eldo was a bit bigger and the one I preferred. I was told that they get a 10/20 game going, but it never happened when I was there.
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