Where can I have a large jpeg printed cheaply in Chicaog?
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Where in Chicago can I have a largish three color jpg printed, with good results, cheaply?

The jpeg is 1729 x 1401 pixels at 72 dpi. It is relatively simple screen print style graphic and only composed of three colors (black, red, and green) on a white background. Ideally I'd like it printed on heavy acid-free card stock for framing. I'm giving this as a gift, so I only want to do this if the results will be good.

What I'm unsure of are the dimensions at which I could have this jpeg printed (enlarged) without showing pixelation.

[If it helps the image is a reproduction of this poster.]

Thanks in advance for all suggestions and help!
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There's not enough pixels in that image to get a decent print ata decent size. Even running it at 150dpi (marginal quality), you'll only get about an 11x9 print.
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nathan_teske is right, but your situation can be remedied.

What you could do before taking this to any print shop is have someone who knows Adobe Illustrator load it in there and trace it to make what's called "vector art" that matches the poster. This shouldn't be terribly hard for someone skilled in illustrator, as the poster is 3 color line art.

Then you'd have a pristine reproduction at almost any size.

After that, I can't help ya because I've not used any print shops here in Chicago, but I thought I'd contribute to the thread because I can at least point you in the right direction as far as making an image good enough to be worth printing in the first place.
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... why don't you just buy the damned thing?
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Here's a version already vectorized (.eps file) as twiggy suggests. (The addition of "hunter" without "s." sort of ruins it, but maybe you could start with that and get someone to modify it to be closer to the original.)
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Thanks for the suggestions guys!

nathan_teske, I asked this question because I already had the image and was curious whether it would be cost effective to have it printed rather than ordering it.

In other words: I'm not a fucking moron, but thanks for the ebay search.
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