Where on the web is the best Flash advertising work?
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I’d like to see examples of really creative Flash-based advertising or marketing.

I work at a creative outfit that creates Flash movies for tech companies. While our work has been adequate, I want to help the team raise the bar… but first I gotta see how high the bar’s been raised by others.

Can anyone point me to examples of really creative Flash work online? Stuff I could point to and say, "Why can't we make something that creative?" Bonus points if you could point me to stuff that combines live action with animation. Thanks!
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If you haven't yet, try toodling around del.icio.us. You'll find stuff like this site.
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Tokyo Plastic has some good stuff.
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i'm not sure if this is advertising anything but tiself - but, http://www.dontclick.it
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[errr itself]
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And there's the website that used flash-animation porn to advertise clothing - as discussed (and linked to) in this metafilter thread. Probably not what you had in mind, but it's pretty original nonetheless.
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I can't find a link, but i remember seeing an ad that looked like the corner of a page being turned. When you hovered over it, it rolled an ad over the page as if you were turning a virtual page in a magazine.
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A relation of mine does yellow duck design - they've got examples of their past work on there, lots of flash... it's great, but I'm biased.
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for Burger King i think
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