Stuff to help a one-armed man?
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What should I buy to make life with a broken arm more bearable?

For instance, I always thought that electric can openers were stupid and for lazy people, but they seem like a fabulous invention right now.
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Might be a good time to buy a one handed keyboard, there are lots of good ones, and it might stand you in good stead for the future!

Oh.. and an automatic car if you have a stick shift ;-)
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A suicide knob.
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House cleaning services. Having recently endured life with a broken arm, I can tell you that daily life requires far more effort than you might imagine. Focus on what really matters to you -- and then either let the rest slide or hire someone to take care of chores. Also -- whip out the plastic and forget cooking. However, you don't really "have" to have a broken arm to live by the previous thoughts!
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one of those long arm grabber things so you dont have to move your arm...
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For some reason the hyperlink did not show? Anyways, here it is AGAIN
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A long bamboo chopstick, the 12-18" length kind one sees at Asian grocery stores. At some point, you'll be happy to have it around to ease under-cast itches.
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Careful with the bamboo -- you definitely don't want splinters in there. I like longer coffee swizzle sticks. Here's an older thread about broken arms.
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If you can find one, how about a Spyderco Maddox? It's a table knife designed for one-handers, so you don't have to ask for help cutting your food.
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Along the lines of the Spyderco Maddox, search Amazon for "ulu" - same idea, but the handle is parallel to the blade, making it (IMHO) easier to control - a bit less stabby and a bit more slicey.
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Things that helped when I broke my wrist and it required surgery to put it back together - I took the pain pills the surgeon prescribed. I slept a lot the first week. I took as much time off work as I could (nearly three weeks), and for the first week back, I only worked half-days. Friends and family bought groceries and did some meal preparation. I already had a house-cleaning service. I hired an unemployed friend to do my laundry for two weeks. I bought work-appropriate slip-on shirts and shoes that were easy to get on. I bought extra pillows for a comfortable position for my arm when sleeping. If you need physical therapy, go to every appointment and do your exercises daily. My Mom bought me a one-handed jar opener that I never could get to work. I used a plastic chopstick for the itching.
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The resident Cast Expert recommmends canned air for itching casts. It's makes a cool spot and dries out the area without running the risk of scratching the skin, which can end up infected under the cast.
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About 30 years ago I broke my arm, and had an L-shaped cast (immobilizing my elbow as well) for about 6 weeks. I used some long thin items to scratch under that cast, and I still have a small round scar on my wrist from it. So yeah, be careful about the scratching.

Oh, and at first I was going to say spring for some vicodin, but after the first day or two, it didn't hurt.
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I have percocet, so don't worry on that front.
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BTW, 2 years ago I asked the question Is learning to snowboard inherently dangerous? Guess how I broke my arm this time.
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