MCE and Tablet edition on one Vista Machine?
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Can Vista Laptops Have the equivalent of both Windows XP Tablet edition and Media Center Edition on one system without having to boot into separate partitions?

I will be going to college soon and I'd like the convenience and features of a Tablet with the features and ease of MCE in one package. Is this possible on a Vista Machine or am i thinking a bit too wishfully? If possible, Who makes the best and best Priced Tablets? Thanks All.
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Vista Home Premium does Tablet and Media Center features at the same time.
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At Microsoft, everyone uses Toshiba tablet PC's. I'm not too fond of them in general (mainly the screen).

Have you tried using one for an extended period of time? I'd do so before purchasing one.
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Response by poster: So this setup shouldn't be a problem then? I will be able to take notes on it during the day and then...say...record tv shows at night on the same machine with all the information accessible at the same time...Good. However, what are the drawbacks of a tablet?
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