The Danish Poet: Getting US access to streaming video
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The Danish Poet is the short film that won the Oscar for short film this year. Here's a website with the film in streaming video that i want to share with my friends. The problem is that people in the US can't seem to play the video. They're blocking the content to US users somehow. Is there any way my friends can use to get around it?
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Why not use this one? via.
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If you want to change approaches, you can buy it for $1.99 on the iTunes Music Store, invite your friends over, and watch it together.
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If they're close to the border, they can watch it on CBC, Sunday March 4/07 at midnight.
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Proxy server?
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Wow, thanks, Ambrosia Voyeur—I just watched it, and I really, really liked it.

*resolves to finally read Kristin Lavransdatter*
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