Survey tool/program that I can use with SPSS??
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Survey software, survey tool to use with SPSS. Hello fellow chums, I am looking for a software program (preferably free - but also looking for one that has a flat fee) which can perform all sorts of surveys including open ended questions. The most important part is that I find one where I can use it and transpose it into an SPSS file to be sent out to others, or simply use it in SPSS myself and analyze it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? ...pretty please? :) p.s. as an aside, can something like this be placed WITHIN a website with a fair amount of ease? [if this last question makes no sense, please ignore it]
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You should be able to use anything that saves responses in a standard format such as CSV (comma-separated), tab-delimited, or so on. SPSS can read most common data files (including Excel if I'm not mistaken).

As far as the web site implementation, I've done this with great ease using ColdFusion, but the templates were already written for me for the most part. I just had to create a Microsoft Access database file and have access to a ColdFusion server.
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Thanks Proj,

Do you know of any really good program out there that I can use (with the exception of survey monkey) which does not limit the amount of questions that I can ask or the amount of responses I am able to get?

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I've had good results with Zoomerang.
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My employer uses WebSurveyor. It's not cheap (though there is a free 30 day trial if that helps), but it does everything you request and more, including exporting to SPSS. It's also pretty easy to use if you have any HTML knowledge at all.
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E-mail me (check my profile). I have an old copy of SurveySolutions XP which will do what you want, and you can have it.
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PHP Surveyor is free and very nice; exports to SPSS files, I believe. Highly configurable. I use it in a LAMP setting as well as a WAMP.
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