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Does anyone know the origin of this delightful piece of sheet music nonsense? I'd love to get a print of it. (via)
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Best answer: It's Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz, by John Stump.

Here is a larger image.
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Since Aloysius already answered the question, I just wanted to say thanks for showing that, I love it too!

"Release the penguins!"
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Oh my word. This is beautiful. Thank you for asking this question!
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If you're looking to get a real print of it, you might try contacting the e-mail address on this website, which the Wikipedia article links to. It looks a little non-professional, though, so proceed with caution.
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You may also enjoy Stripsody by Cathy Berberian.
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I agree, those are delightful! Please post if you find a definitive source for a framable poster.
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This LJ user also seems to be offering prints. The post is six months old, but may still be worth a shot. (This may well be the same guy from the previously linked site.)
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This is wonderful!
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here's a slightly larger, slightly cleaner image: The Faerie's Aire and Death March
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'if there are no violas, go to N'

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Has anyone tried to sequence this? might be tough, you'd have to fake 66/1 somehow.
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There's a terrific anthology of odd scores called Notations, if you want something in book form. John Cage put it together.

Update: for some reason I thought there was a currently in print version of this that you could get for a reasonable price, but Amazon is only showing collectibles in the $200-$300 range.
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Since I loved that score so much, I sent some email to the address Johny Assay linked to (he appears to be the same guy as in the LiveJournal link), and just got this response:

I distribute Johns Stumps musical works:

"The Faeries Aire and Death Waltz"
"Prelude and The Last Hope in C and C# Minor"

from the Opera Marche de L'oie (March of the Ducks) in beautiful 11 1/2 X 15 1/2 inch sturdy crystal clear laminated sets.

These are impervious to peanutbutter & jelly sandwich fingers, or bagel&creamcheese&jelly fingers; lipstick, lipbalm, napalm (up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit/40 degrees Centigrade.)


" Manytimes i have been so grateful for the laminated edition when friends have "spluttered" with laughter - spattering coffee, milkshake or frapuccino on my copy of Faerie's Aire." - JS

"The sturdy sheets, when held firmly between the fingers and waved in the air, make a most wonderful "woop - woop - woop" suitable for folkOrkestral or avantGarden Symphonic concerti or concertinas." - TH
These are published in accord with John's Copyright ownership.
The price is $25 for both, plus shipping/handling .
[$15 each singly, same shipping/handling. [$5.99 mailed first class mail U.S.]

There has been rumored a "2nd page" of "Faerie's Aire" beginning:
"AVOID LUMPING" "with pesto"
Like a minuet .................

This "2nd" page is not actually a 2nd page of Faerie's Aire ...
it is a page from another very rare work of JohnStump's:
"String Quartet No. 556(b) for Strings" Full Score

It is 11 x 17 folded to make 4 pages - in traditional layout:
[Front/TitlePage, Inside Score (facing pages), BackPage].
This is available for $10 .(not laminated, wonderfully funny) (pineapples are not included)

Complete Set of All Three Pieces, $35.99 including shipping and handling in the U.S.

For distributors and teachers and musical directors volume discounts are negotiable.
Please do contact and support the appreciation and reward to John for his wonderful works.

Order or just contact me to chew the carpet at .........

yours, with music and laughter

TomM Hall

I'm about to order a set myself.
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I got a complete set from the link. They're gorgeous -- far better than the versions on the web, which are 10th generation photocopies.

He was very courteous and shipped quickly.
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Response by poster: OP here. The Dark Roasted Blend blog has made a new post about crazy music. Looks like he's read this page!
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Response by poster: A new post about crazy music, link fixed.
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A new post about crazy music, link fixed for real.
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