Help me identify the clothing
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Please help me source identify an article of clothing and where I can buy it: Lone Cypress.

I have this shirt I really like. It's a t-shirt like thing with sort of a mock-turtleneck. There are two labels on it:

100% fine pima cotton
[Cypress tree picture]
Lone Cypress
Pebble Beach

I tried doing google searches, but I can't identify a manufacturer. I don't remember where the shirt came from, but I haven't been to Pebble Beach in almost a decade, and I acquired the shirt in the last year. It must have been purchased in a store somewhere in the Dallas area.

So google-masters, can you help me identify a manufacturer? And even more amazingly, can you help me find a place where I can buy more of these awesome things?
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Also, "call the pro shop at Pebble Beach" is a possible solution of which I am already aware. I would like other ideas. Thanks.
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You could buy one on eBay and/or ask the seller where he gets them.
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They're apparently made by Super Spinning Mills. There's a list of other brands made by the same mills down the side of that page.

Note that that's a yarn company that's gone into making finished garments -- that means that all "Lone Cypress Pebble Beach" is doing is sewing their label into Super Spinning's shirts.

Of those companies, Arrow, Ping, and Wilson are probably available in a local pro shop or department store. But Super Spinning won't be those companies' only supplier (except maybe Ping's).
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Also, their contact page here specifically lists a person to contact about their knitted garment business. If going for those other brands doesn't help, then that person would be able to tell you what brands are selling their shirts in your region (but "region" might be a large area -- but it's a start).
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Thanks folks. You found the brand and the shirt. I'm impressed. Now I need to go buy some. Maybe I'll post pictures of me modeling them once I get them! (Or not.)
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