Recommendations for ping-pong paddles?
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What ping-pong paddles should I buy?

I need to buy 4 ping-pong paddles for my house. Budget is $70. Obviously I want the best possible paddles for this price. I realize this isn't that much money, as these things go, but please don't suggest anything more expensive. Thanks!
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Most larger sporting goods stores, like Dick’s, sell rackets in packs of 2 or 4. These are usually really cheap, probably around $20 or $30. Unless you’re buying your own personal racket, don’t spend much, because community rackets will be mistreated.
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You should be able to stay out of the bottom of the barrel and get 4 "recreation" class paddles from a decent brand like Donic or Yasaka while still staying easily within your price range. Check out; I have no affiliation other than being a satisfied customer, and they ship for free in the US on orders over $50.
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You can easily put together a set of four decent paddles from the aforementioned megaspin or butterfly for that money.

Do keep in mind though that rec room paddles get used up quickly. Something about wacking a little round ball brings out the latent aggression in people.
If $70 is the top of your budget, you might be better off keeping some in reserve for the inevitable replacements.
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