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I need a pair of men's riding-style boots for cheap. Where do I find them?

I need a pair of boots for a community theater production and I can't find any that are ridiculously expensive. They should be a riding style - that is, plain black or dark brown, up to at least mid-calf. So far, all I've been able to find are several hundred dollar pairs - ideally, I'd like to spend less than fifty dollars on these. Online stores and stores in the Metro Boston area work equally well.

There are pictures of style suggested by the costume designer here and here.
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try Zappos
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My mom was able to find a pair while back at the local Salvation Army/Goodwill/whatever. You could give that a shot.
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Try calling around to some local riding stables - see if they have any they can donate or at least tell you where perhaps you can get a cheap pair.

Or check here for a pair. They are a wee bit more than your $50.00 budget, but not too bad.
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Or here! for under your budget!!
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Or, are we talking about motorcycle-type riding boot?
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Those pics are of biker boots, and tall ones at that. Tall boots in men's styles are almost always expensive and hard to find - no hope of scoring a cheap pair on sale at Sears.

Prices for boots like the ones illustrated start at around $100, and go up from there. If there's a source for cheaper ones, I'm not aware of it. You may be able to find some discontinued models on ebay for a little less... search for "black boot" and good luck. I was able to find discontinued Redwing boots in a stlye similar to the second pair you have pictured at an eBay store for around 50 bucks. YMMV.

The alternative would be to wear rubber boots instead of leather boots, but I'd check with the costumer to make sure this is OK first.

Or, you could just invest the money in a nice pair of knee-high harness boots you can use after the production, knowing that chicks dig big, black boots. (Hah! I knew catering to my s.o.'s hard-core boot fixation would someday have a practical application!)
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I got a cheap pair ($30ish) at a riding store - they are actually riding-boot shaped gumboots molded to look like the real thing, but they sell them for beginners in dressage, etc, where they need to look the part, but it's a bit early to be laying down thousands of dollars for something they might rapidly lose interest in.

At stage distance, you wouldn't know the difference.
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