Weren't dodos like three feet tall anyway?
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I need help identifying a movie from bits of dialouge about birds stealing the nests of others. (Obscure-filter)

Here's what I remember. The plot centers around a guy who has lost his girlfriend to another man. At some point, he confronts this new man and states something along the lines of "the dodo is an interesting bird. He waits until another family of birds has painstakingly built their home and then he steals it and makes it his own."

I don't know if it was a dodo. It could've been sparrow or starling or something else. I know it's not much to go on, but since i'm fairly certain it was a pretty popular movie, maybe someone can identify it. Any clues?
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Is it Closer? I know I own this movie but it escapes me right now.
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The cuckoo is the most commonly known bird that does this. Now to google movies about cuckoos.
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Ah! That rang a bell, Listener! I think it might have been a cuckoo. I can't find it in IMBD quotes though.

I don't think it's Closer, because I remember the movie being older than that. I want to say John Cusack was in it, but I could be making that up.
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The Bower Bird is another famous avian thief.
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Is it The Ice Harvest? That had a lot of stylized dialog in it and it stared Cusack
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It's Indecent Proposal. Woody likens Redford to a cuckoo.
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"You know that emblem you got? The gryphon? The eagle? I don't think that's a good idea. I got a better idea... How about the cuckoo? You know? Because... I'm talking to you for a second. The cuckoo is interesting because it doesn't have its own nest... so it moves into other birds' nests and it destroys their eggs." via
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This may be a bit Captain Obvious, but the word cuckoo is the origin of the word "cuckold".
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Thank you!
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