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I'm looking for an embeddable free customer survey type applet/widget. Something similar to PollDaddy but one that will let me ask a series of questions. Is there anything out there like that?
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Check out SurveyMonkey. It may work for what you're looking for. It's free up to 100 responses.
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wufoo for larger forms
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I second Survey Monkey. For a small fee you can have up to 1,000 responses a month and $10 more gives you an encrypted/secure link. Plus, they have fantastic analysis tools that do quick and dirty frequency distributions, and you can download it into Excel (and other formats) for doing your own analysis. I've used it as three different companies and for a dozen or so projects.

Also, you can customize the survey look, including adding your logo graphic and changing the colors to fit "your" theme. You can embed the survey link in a webpage, send it out via company e-mail, or create a distribution list on SurveyMonkey to send out notices and track responses/send reminders.

Once you have a survey designed, it takes only half an hour or so to build the questions up. Using the pay version allows for skip patterns and logic checks, too.
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