Can you bring a laptop with you when reporting for Jury Duty in Toronto?
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Can you bring a laptop with you when reporting for Jury Duty in Toronto?

I was checking through the FAQ's and I couldn't find any information about what is not allowed in the waiting areas. Normally, I wouldn't care and I would leave my work at home, but I have a rather pressing deadline and if there's a lot of waiting involved (and from what I've heard, there is) it would be nice to use the time to my advantage.

Failing that, if laptops are not allowed... how about a DS?
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I don't know about Canada, but laptops would likely not be allowed.

I have shown up with a Game Boy Advance with no problems.
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On non-preview -

laptops just tend to scream out 'security risk'.

I've also shown up with a 1400 page novel. And yes, there's waiting. Lots and lots and lots of waiting, hence the 1400 page novel.
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Ancedotally, here in Cincinnati, OH, they supply a wireless access point. Unless you have to report tomorrow, I would think a telephone call would clear this all up.
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When I showed up for jury duty in manhattan the jury pool area had a room with cubes with power and wired ethernet. Clearly while you are sitting on a jury it's not a good idea to jump on metafilter, but while you're waiting to get called for one they basically just want you to stick around and not cause problems.
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When I've shown up for the initial "jury duty" call, it's simply been to sit around for about 4 hours and then be sent home. I brought my laptop, as had many others, and worked until they sent me home.

I wouldn't hesitate to bring a laptop.

(My experience was in San Francisco, CA)
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I had jury duty in NJ this summer and a bunch of people had laptops and dvd players. When you were called upstairs they had a big locker to put all your valuables in. It seems they expect people to bring things to do while waiting.

Anecdotally I stumbled across this account of someone doing jury duty in Toronto in which he mentions he watched some DVD's with a couple of fellow jurors while waiting.
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Also anecdotally more googling revealed this comment left on a website about a new wireless network in Toronto. It seems the person was able to pick up a public wireless signal waiting for jury duty.

Again, nothing concrete but all indicators are that it shouldn't be a problem.
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You should just call the court house and ask.

Obligatory personal experience: here in Philly, they prohibit just about anything they think might talk to the outside world.
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From my most recent jury duty experience in Los Angeles, laptops were allowed. The public computers with internet access that were in the waiting room, which I had used in my previous jury duty excursion, were out of order.

In regards to Netzapper's comment, laptops definitely wouldn't be allowed in the courtroom itself or during jury deliberations.
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laptops definitely wouldn't be allowed in the courtroom itself or during jury deliberations

Yeah, I think there are two things being considered here, (1) bringing a laptop to a Jury Selection Day Thingy*, where you wait around to see if you will be picked to serve on a jury, and (2) bringing a laptop while you actually serve on a jury. I think (1) is fine, (2) not so much.

*Technical legal term
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It's the first instance I'm referring too. Thanks for all the help! I'll bring it along and see what happens.
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In case anyone is still following this, laptops are fine. There are two jury waiting rooms at the University ave. courthouse. I haven't seen the second one (you see it on your second visit) but apparently it has work areas setup specifically for laptops. The initial one has a few table areas and you are in range of the One Zone (Hydro One's wireless network).
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