How to cook yucca root
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I was given a yucca root. My friend, who lived in the Dominican Republic, where apparently this is a staple, says I should just dice it and add it to soup as I would a potato. I think I could do better: any ideas/recipes? Sans meat, please.
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Try these recipes from the Google Restaurant.:)
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fried yucca is amazingly good, as good as french fries! Usually they are served in fried cubes with this really tasty, spicy, white dipping sauce, but tapatio or whatever hotsauce or ketchup also works.
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Yucca frita (fried yucca) is home cookin' for me. Peel it, cut it up homefries size (couple-inch-long wedges), and fry it either in a deep skillet or a fryer. Drain on paper towels, sprinkle with salt.

I always make mojo to eat with it although technically that's not traditional (heated olive oil poured into lime juice and chopped garlic). You can dip it into ketchup if you don't want to make that, or buy premixed mojo at the supermarket (has spices in it). It's fine plain, too.

To make a meal, I add black beans and rice, a green salad/balsamic tomatoes, and platanos fritos or maduros (plantains either fried or sweet - the sweet ones we buy frozen). Mangos for dessert.

It's also traditional to boil chunks of it and you can eat it plain or with mojo that way, or add them to soup (chicken soup, but I'm vegetarian).
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Yuca con mojo (or al mojo, in the case of this page). A favorite of Cuban grandmas everywhere.
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makes for a far out potato salad too
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Response by poster: Thanks! I know what I'm having for dinner tomorrow!
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what's the "T" stand for in the recipe above (garlic quantity)? thanks! and does it (yuca) have any other name in spanish?
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OK, now I'm confused. Are cassava, manioc, and yucca really the same thing?
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Response by poster: T = Tbs = tablespoon
t = tsp = teaspoon
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Mofongo is good.
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thanks for the T clarification (a lot of garlic!) and the other names.
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I believe so, Languagehat. I've always understood that they are, and the picture in your link seems to confirm that.
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