Where have the good presses gone?
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What is a good newspaper press/printing facility in San Francisco (or within 100 miles)?

"good" does not mean cheapest (although pricing will be a factor).

I am looking for a press facility with experienced pre-press personnel & pressmen and can accept a properly distilled PDF (Acrobat version 7 or higher, via FTP) for production.

They must also be able to handle a 50,000 copies of a 40-page newsprint piece once a month.

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I've used inkworks a number of times. They are nice, on-time, stuff comes out good, etc. I believe your print size should work for them - though I'm not positive.
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If by "newsprint piece" you mean an actual newspaper (as opposed to a booklet printed on newsprint, which requires a different set of post-press bindery equipment) you might try pricing the job with the nearest Gannett-owned newspaper, which is likely to be experienced in the prepress you need (and is also probably a satellite plant for USAToday, which pioneered high-quality newspaper output).
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