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Rotring Xonox Graphic pens? In the USA/Manhattan? Help? Me? Find?

I picked up a disposable 0.3 Rotring Xonox Graphic pen in Korea, the land of all things pen-related. It looks like this. Now, I can't find them in the US, only in the UK, and it seems that all of the Ebay auctions and online stores based in the UK have exorbitant prices/shipping fees (5 pounds+ per pen).

Is there anywhere in the US that will ship these pens, or any store in Manhattan/NYC that will sell them?
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first hit on google:Dalys Pen Shop
posted by raildr at 11:15 AM on February 26, 2007

raildr, they don't have Xonox.

According to Wikipedia, Rotring stopped shipping to the US in 2005. Maybe that's why so many of the Rotring pens in US online stores are discounted - they are trying to get rid of an essentially discontinued product.
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Response by poster: I have been to the site, although they don't have the pens that I'm looking for. Thanks though.
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I went through the same thing looking for the late lamented Rapidoliner. My advice is: if you find some, buy them out.
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Perhaps you could contact the US importer of "rotring drawing products" and see what they have to say.
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I love fiber tipped drawing pens. But sorry can't help with the Rotring.
Have you tried the Pilot DR Drawing Pens?
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see if this guy can hook you up.
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Response by poster: FreezBoy -- Hmm, I'll try that if things don't work out. Thanks!

Artdrectr - No, I haven't, but I'll definitely look out for them.

Kwantsar -- Thanks, but they're the rollerball kind. There are other ebay auctions like this that do sell the pens, but including shipping they're about 8 pounds, or 16 dollars per pen!
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Try going into the many "Korea town" stores all along 32nd Street just East of 5th Ave. It may not look like it from the street entrance, but in the back, many of these stores sell toys pens and stationary from Korea where you will definitely find a good selection of technical pens, maybe one similar to the one you are looking for.
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Response by poster: Hmm -- good idea, Kensational, I'll try that when I'm around there. Thanks!
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