Might end up with a boy scout cap!
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Searching for a BSA motorcycle t-shirt in the bay area.

I need help locating a BSA (motorcycles...not Boy Scouts America) shirt or cap. Just have two days to find one before the biker's birthday. Extra points to a north bay location. Online shopping is out.

Lots of bike shops around, any caring BSA-related stuff?
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Rabers in san jose is the source for brittish motorcyle parts and accesories. I'm sure they have tee shirts. I haven't been there in awhile - we're all Italian these days - but I remember there being lots of brit bike ephemera for sale.
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You could also try Magri motors - they are still listed in San Francisco - but I drive by the shop a lot and it doesn't ever look particularly "open". They don't seem to have a website but here is their info -
Magri British Classics, 1220 Pennsylvania Ave, (415) 285-6735
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Here's a place in Guerneville... he had a few BSA shirts last time I was there.
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Scuderia might have one.
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British Only has bunches, if you don't mind ordering online.
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