How do I sell mature green Japanese maples?
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How do I sell mature green Japanese maple trees?

I recently purchased a home that has two mature green Japanese maple trees on the property. I have been told that they are rare trees and I would like to sell them. How do I find a buyer for these trees?
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I'd try calling a landscaper, they might know someone who is looking for some. Depending on the size, it might be expensive to remove them, and they might have an idea of the cost and possible value.
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One of the surgeons I work with sells them all the time and gets thousands of dollars for some of them, so be sure you know what they are worth (on the other hand, I have some I bought for 15-20 dollars at Home Depot, so prices vary a lot). Unfortunately he is not here today or I would ask him how he sells them. I should see him tomorrow, though.
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How large are your trees? 12'? 24'?
This will impact the removal cost and purchase price.
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Mind telling us where you live? There's a slim chance I have a buyer...
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If they are just the straight green Acer palmatum, chances are you'll have to pay to have them removed. If they are a named variety, you may be able to sell them. You should contact a Japanese maple specialist in your area to determine whether or not anyone will want them. If they're over 15 feet tall, chances are 1) they are the plain green 2) you will have to get a permit to remove them (depending on where you live) 3) the cost and trouble to get them out of the ground and transported will be more than they are worth.
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I saw the surgeon I mentioned earlier today and asked him where he sells his trees. He told me there are groups of Japanese Maple enthusiasts on the web as well as nurseries that specialize in Japanese Maples that he deals with. He actually raises them to sell, and plants them in a manner and location such that they are easy to remove and transport.
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Response by poster: Vito90- the tree is located in Rumson, New Jersey. Thank you everyone for your help, this site is great.
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