How do I search for hotels with in room hot tubs?
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How do I search for hotels with in-room hot tubs?

I am on a road trip, currently heading towards Florida from North Carolina. I like having an in-room hottub/jacuzzi. I have seen places that offer $50 / night hottub rooms on weekdays. However, I only see these places in person, and they are usually not a chain. I have had no luck googling or using any of my favorite travel planning sites to search for this amenity. Anyone know of a means for finding these cheap local deals? Alternatively, anyone know of such a place near Savannah, GA, which is my destination tonight? My aching muscles thank you.
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I haven't found a good way to do this either. What I've had to do is find hotels in the area I want to stay using sites like, and then going to the individual hotel's website to see if they have rooms with a jacuzzi.

These days, booking sites like, travelocity, etc don't give you a much better deal (often not better at all) than direct through the hotel anyhow, so using them just as a portal to find nearby hotels won't lose you a great deal or anything.
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Local indie papers - you'll have to grab one in the immediate area. Ours always has ads for the same few places, usually near the back but sometimes spread out. Look for heart graphics.
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AAA accommodation books are sorted by location and the hotel listings include information like Jacuzzis, wireless or wired internet, attached restaurant, and other amenities.
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If your Florida trip takes you all the way to Miami, the Mayfair Hotel in Coconut Grove has a hot tub in each room.
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Not that it's what you're asking exactly, but it's easy finding a "bed and breakfast" that has a hot-tub. About a quarter of them do, in my experience.
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Choice Hotels (especially Comfort Inn, for some reason) tend to offer them.

If you look online, they are listed as a feature in the room description. The best are the in-bath ones, so you aren't all bathing in the middle of the room.
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Also, the AAA tourbooks list detailed descriptions of the hotel rooms (like 101 standard one bedroom rooms and 2 suites with hot tubs) that helps you locate them in the mom & pop hotels without a web presence.
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