J.C. Penny Ad Music?
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i was just watching the Oscars and there was a J.C. Penny advertisement that I assume was brand new. Completely forgettable -- people doing things in J.C. Penny clothes -- except for the music. It sounded like the Degados: the female vocalist had their lilt of Emma Pollack and had their signature offbeat pacing. It was a great song and I was wondering if anyone knows what it was and who did it?
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"What'll I do?" It's a very old song - don't know who sang it.
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It's by The Zombies. (one of my favorite bands)
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I've been addicted to this song since I heard it on the soundtrack to "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"

It's called "The Way I feel Inside" and, as mentioned, it's by The Zombies.
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I think it was "The Way I Feel Inside".
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yep .taft, wonderful song.
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The Way I Feel Inside?
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Thats it. Thanks. It sure doesn't sound like "She's Not There."
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This is awesome. My wife was cranky with me because I grabbed the laptop from her and typed the lyrics in as best I could. But I didn't come up with any matches. I'd given the song up as lost because I hadn't paid attention to who the advertiser was. Now, though, AskMe has yielded a miracle. Thanks, rtimmel.
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I didn't see the ad you're asking about. There was another JC Penney ad that featured a different song "I say and so say I... (CoCoRosie, maybe?). Anyone know who sings that?

I also liked that Cadillac used M. Ward's "Here Comes The Sun Again" in one of their spots.
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Actually, the song I want is the one that Frank Grimes is talking about. I wonder if that's the song that the OP is after, too.
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I guess not. I'll go back to watching the show now. :)
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Greed and the Given by Current Swell on their album So Say I?
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OOOPPPS. I had too many different windows open and things playing . . . definitely not Current Swell! Sorry. I'd still like to know what that song is -- it plays on the J. C. Penney website as well.
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Sounds like Feist, will look for a link to some of her other songs.
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If you're talking about the spot titled "Calendar". Someone at Adtunes, just figured it out...

The song is called "How Can It Be" performed by an Australian outfit called Forever Thursday. The singer is Melanie Horsnell
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Offshoot, but I was wondering more about where that same ad was shot, than I was about the music. Looked like a large train station of some sort, but it definitely wasn't Grand Central. Any ideas?
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Now I feel stupid, but I will blame it on the crappy sound in my laptop. The song was not by The Zombies -- though "The Way I feel Inside is a great song -- but it is "How Can It Be" by Forever Tuesday, as suggested by FreezBoy.
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Awesome. Thanks FreezBoy. Now: how can I get this song. Legal methods preferred. Illegal methods considered. (Actually, I'm listening to Melanie Horsnell's other stuff, and like it, too.) It's not perfect, but it has much, much promise.
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Never mind. Found it on iTunes. Didn't show up in my search for some reason. I'd still love to find Horsnell's solo stuff, though.
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