Where to find a special bikini?
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Where to buy a bikini that features the Atlanta Braves?

The best example I can offer is that I want it to be similar to this one featured in the movie Anger Management. I had a dog costume made from someone off eBay and I figured there would be something like this for human clothing but I can't seem to find anything. The closest thing I have found is that there is a lot of Red Sox and Yankees lingerie but nothing close to what I am looking for.
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Most malls have those programmable stitching machines for ballcaps and whatnot. As long as they don't mind using a copyright logo they should have no problem stitching it onto a fresh bikini.
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Buy a bikini in the correct size and in the team's colors, then take it somewhere that does custom embroidery. Be sure to take a copy of the logo and lettering for use as a template.
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The only thing I worry about with the stitching is how it would feel on the side touching the body. I imagine that stitching wouldn't feel great. Anyone who has done this vouch for the comfort factor?
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The stitching itself is fine, it's just thread. However the backing they use so the thread doesn't pull through and the cloth doesn't bunch can be coarsely abrasive and stiff. However once the logo has been embroidered all the holes created by the thread makes the backing easy to pull away. I've done this with several shirts with logos embroidered right over my nipple and it was fine. YMMV my shirts are as tight as a bikini top. One could always stitch in a lining.
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Twins Enterprises is the distributor and manufacturer for a lot of MLB related stuff. They may be able to do a one-off...if they don't already offer it.
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Will you marry me?
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Are you asking me or The Big Cheese?
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Don't flatter yourself Gungho. :)
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