Looking for an old-timey TV graphic
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I'm looking for a goofy 50s-esque TV graphic that showed a station technician sitting at a console with either video tape or film wrapped around his body, and spilling onto the floor - TV stations used to show it when they were having 'network difficulties'

My classmates and I are trying to find this image for a small project we wanna do, and that's how one of them described it. There must have been more than one like it, because he said the best one was of a 2" video machine with film coming off of it.

Did this graphic, in fact, exist, and if so, where/how could I find it? We've tried Googling and looking through online stock photo sites, but came up with nothing.
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This seems like the kind of thing you're looking for, which I got by searching Google Images for "please stand by".
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As an aside, an aquaintance who worked in TV back in the day said that rooms full of tape were not an uncommon thing. The tape had to travel past the read head at a remarkable velocity, and if anything went strange the operator would find themselves nose-deep in tape. VCRs got around this by making the read head do most of the movement so that the tape didn't have to travel as fast.
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Thanks, AmbroseChapel, that's definitely the kind of image I'm looking for in terms of style; but I'd like to see if there's one of the situation lekvar describes (with the tape everywhere and everything).
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Here's one, although it may not be the exact one you're looking for. I found it by googling "technical difficulties."
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One Moment Please (from the Test Card Gallery)?
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I'd like to see more of these as well. There was one CBC one I recall seeing in a documentary about early TV. It was for use when a scheduled program was unavailable, and simply had the word "sorry..." and a bird flying away with a film can in its beak.
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cenoxo, that's a pretty great site. I only wish whoever ran it would update/add more stuff to it!

We might just end up going with the one you picked out, though, so thanks!
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More here.
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