Arson rap song
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Greetings, Late 80's early 90's rap song that describes an arsonist starting a fire, then watching the response....a very powerful song that was essentially banned from the airways as it was thought it would possibly encourage arson... Anyone remember the song, group, have lyrics etc. By the way, is it appropriate to censure this kind of art?
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I think you're thinking of MC 900 Foot Jesus' The City Sleeps.
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And to your second question... I heard it on the radio all the time, so while it may have been locally kept off the airwaves in some places, I don't think it met any widespread banning, though I could be wrong. Since radio ownership has been more and more consolidated in the past decade or so, one "station's" decision to pull a certain song from the rotation has wider consequences than it did previously, but there's a solid argument to make that now that internet distribution works and is popular, radio airplay isn't the determining factor in a song's success anymore.
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It was definitely all over the corporate "alternative" radio station in New York. I vaguely remember there being some controversy over MC 900 Ft. Jesus's name, but honestly I think his real problem was that radio was becoming highly segmented in the early 90s, and nobody really knew where to put him. He ended up getting slotted into "alternative," which meant that a lot of potential fans never even heard him.
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Did you mean censure or censor?
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I believe that "The City Sleeps" may have been banned by the BBC (specifically Radio 1). That's based on nothing more than memory, and I can find no web confirmation for it.
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Umm, you can hear the song at his MySpace:
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As an aside, I think you mean "airwaves" and not "airways."
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The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire...
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Yes, censure is some kind of haircut, airways are for jets...but I'm not sure if this is the correct song.
There is no mention of sirens, and fireman, policeman, etc.
But as I only heard the song once, my memory might have added a line or two!!!!!
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I think the haircut is "tonsure", not "censure". Monks are fond of it. And the ladies dig it.

And that song? Is totally bitchin'. I never heard it in its original release--I first caught it on Sirius. I gotta get that album.
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fantastic track, ended up grabbing the album after reading this thread
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MC 900 is fantastic, truly underrated.

Try "Hearing Voices In One's Head" on Welcome to My Dream (same album as While the City Sleeps).
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