Help me find Sages of Memphis
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Help me find music from mid-90's band Sages of Memphis.

I was introduced to these guys way back in 98 or 99. I went to their website, which used to be and downloaded the three tracks available there. I listened to the tracks for a week or two and went back to buy their albums, but the site was down. Over the years I've stumped, itunes, and the music database at Virgin Records. They were obviously not a huge band, but it seems like there should be some source for their music. Any ideas?

The only tracks I have are 'Sister Everything' 'I Lash' and 'Mountains for Fences', which is one of my all time favorite songs.
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Oso Rey's My Space page should do the trick.
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Try Gemm . I've had more luck buying from this site for hard to find stuff than any other music selling site. As for info about the band, maybe wikipedia, or try to find archives from local or smaller music periodicals on the web or at the library?
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