Suggestions for Hanggliding Class - So. Cal
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Hanggliding Filter: Any recommendations for good options for trying hanggliding for the first time? In Southern California.

I'm interested in trying hanggliding. Not necessarily learning to do it lots myself, but at least try it with an instructor a few times and see what happens. When I google, I get tons of schools and classes, but it is really difficult to tell who is good and who is crazy. Any help appreciated. Any general dos and don'ts for beginner hanggliders would be great too!
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Take a tandem ride at Torrey Pines Gliderport. They have world and national title holders working full time as instructors. $175 for a great time! They fly year round over gorgeous SoCal coastline. You'll get some instruction on the ground and then 20-30 minutes in the air.
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What I remember from my single hanggliding ride:

The glider wants to stay in the air. You will want to control it with the bar. Don't. (Literally, you could fly without holding on the bar at all.) The more you try to control the bar, the more likely you are to crash or stall.
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Not to hijack, but if anyone knows a good school where I can learn hang gliding and/or paragliding in northern CA (Bay area), I'm all ears!
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autojack: SF Hang Gliding Center and Mission Soaring Center are both owned by Pat Denevan, who "received the 2001 United States Hang Gliding Association's instructor of the year award."
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here and here
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