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What's a good anagram of "National Science and Engineering Week"?

I'm promoting National Science and Engineering Week at the school where I work and I'm trying to do a bit of viral marketing with posters around the school before the event. I want to put up some cryptic posters around the school with anagrams of "National Science and Engineering Week" on. I've tried anagram creators on the 'net but the ones I've tried have given me way too many possibilities to sort through. I guess I'm looking for anything with a school, science or engineering tilt.
Does anyone have a good one, or a better way for me to go about this?
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Eek. National Science Engineering Wand.
posted by horsewithnoname at 11:42 AM on February 25, 2007

Endearing As Genial Incontinence Week
Weakened inaction cleans reign in gene
In gene insane on accidental reign (Week)
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Anointed geeks! A nice clan, e'en. Win, reign!
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The Anagram Servers on the net are useful for long anagrams but you have to use them differently. Here's the general procedure:

1. Type in your full text or most of it.
2. Eyeing the returned anagrams, pick out a WORD you would like to include in your final anagram.
3. From the above, lets say the word is "cloning"
4. Now remove the letters in cloning from your letter list and repeat to get another word or words you like.
5. Move the words around and get creative.

Repeat the above steps until you get something you can use. It wont take long, actually. Here's me doing it very quickly:

Remove cloning
Remove wierd
Remove geeks
Remove canteen (too many e's piling up)
Remove nine
I'm left with 'aieen'. I can make 'in a' and cheat and use the remaining e's for exclamation, and so:

Cloning nine wierd geeks in a canteen! Ee!

I'm sure you can do better, but thats my quick example.
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Eager in winning decencies, an alto keen.
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I used the vacapinta method to come up with me, actually. Should have thought of posting the method! Good answer, v.
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YES! Week

You, Engineering & Science

Youth, Engineering & Sicience
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Coincidental Insane Anger Engine Week.
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Centennial Ocarina Design Engine Week.
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Cleanse inaction, geek engineer, and win!

I find anagram generators give the best results when you restrict the results to two or three words. The internet anagram server wouldn't let me submit the whole string at once so, I got the above by breaking 'National Science and Engineering Week' into 'national science' and 'engineering week' and keeping the 'and' to use in the end product. I limited the results for anagrams of 'national science' to two words, and limited the results of 'engineering week' to three, because there were no results for 2. I also filtered the results for 'engineering week' so that I only got the ones containing 'geek'. Then I took the results 'cleanse inaction' and 'geek engineer win', rearranged things a bit, and stuck back in the 'and' I took out.

Like vacapinta says, you have filter for words that you like, and then reshuffle the rest. You may have to do it a few times. The main idea is to restrict the size of the input and output so that you don't have to go through ridiculously huge lists of junk that you can't use.
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New Geek in da Ancient Learning Scene! Oi!

(I think I just reached a new low.)
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Not So Easy Week
not an anagram but maybe good anyway?
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Why not just anagram the acronym:

Get the NEWS!

Then come up with some kind of cunning logo, maybe based on a compass rosette, that lets you read the words in the right order.
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I own a lineage in geek transcendence.
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Hm, I like the phrase "Learning antecedes knowing", but you're left with the Vonnegutian fragment "Ice-nine A." Maybe try "seeking" instead of "learning"? Or "needs" instead of "antecedes"? I give up.
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