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iTunes Filtering Filter: I would like to be able to sort my iTunes library (ether in iTunes or using a standalone piece of software) by the account that purchased the song from the iTunes Music Store. Is this possible? How?

I am running iTunes 7.1.8 on WinXP.

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You can always see the things you purchased by going to the purchased tab (under the itunes music store).

In addition you can sort by file type (or "kind" as it's called in itunes). The files you purchased will be the "Protected ACC" files.
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Response by poster: To clarify: I'm not looking to see what I've purchased, but rather what on my computer others have purchased -- those tracks iTunes wont play without authorization.
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It looks like "purchased" music is just a special form of a playlist (this will only work if "purchased music" show what YOU have purchased, not what everyone has purchased).

I don't have any files to test this on, but I think this might work: Create a new smart playlist with two conditions:
1. "kind" is protected AAC
2. "playlist is not "purchased"

That should show you only the protected songs that aren't listed in your purchased music.
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And by "should" I mean "might"
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One thing I use a lot in iTunes are little bits of text in the comment field that identify specific things, like {CDN} for Canadian and {NSFW} for files with explicit language.

You need to add them manually, but it is easy to make smart playlists that look for comments that include markers like those.
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