Golf at Kadena?
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Looking for some fairly specialized help here - Can my son and I, both US citizens but neither armed forces nor govt. employees get a tee time or two at the Kadena base golf courses while vacationing in Okinawa in March?

I've tried to parse the regulations posted on the Kadena website, and it seems to skirt the issue, listing numerous groups that specifically qualify, or that can be invited, while not actively disqualifying US citizens outright. This allows me to hope that I may be able to enjoy a round or two of golf while thawing my extremities in Okinawa (we live in Hokkaido). Anyone out there know how I may be able to proceed?

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In short... No.

However! Call MWR on base - there may be some 'community days' in which you'd be able to play. Your only other option is to befriend some military who can escort you on to play.
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That's a complicated set of rules they have there. When I was in the service, most courses allowed civilian play, but in this day and age YMMV. It looks like you might need an invite, but I would contact them and ask what the rules are.

Why not try to e mail the Pro Shop for policy clarification ?
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In my experience, any base course will allow guests in the presence of the authorized person. So, if on the first day, you happen to meet a military member from Kadena, and he invites you to play with him, you can. He cannot, however, give you permission to play without him.

Other than that, there's probably no way to do it. You'd need a DoD ID card to even get on the base.
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Definitely do the email to the pro shop. You might get some nice retired guy who knows some other guys, one of which just may be up for a round with someone from out of town. Nice friendly people still exist (why do they all tend to be older, though?)

Couldn't hurt, anyway. Just phrase it like your question here, instead of a dry, "what are the regulations" question.
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