Window size issues with Internet Explorer
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These last couple of days, whenever I use Internet Explorer and right-click to open a link in a new window, the new window is incredibly small. I resize it, I maximize it, and so on, but the new windows still keep opening at that same small size. I'm on my work computer, which has Windows 98. Any way to fix this?
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Drag the new window to the desired size, minimize it, then restore, then close. Any new window will open at your desired size. Buggered if I know why...
posted by punilux at 10:32 AM on March 10, 2004

To add to punilux's comment, make sure that all other Internet Explorer windows are closed before following the above advice. I've noticed IE's "last window closed saves settings" behavior in the past. The ideal solution is probably:

Make sure all Internet Explorer windows are closed. Start IE. If this window is maximized, un-maximize it (and it should resize to the tiny "new window" size), resize it appropriately, minimize, restore, close. Start IE again, and maximize the window again (if you prefer.)
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Response by poster: Thanks! That did the trick. (And like punilux, I don't know why, either.)
posted by Tin Man at 10:46 AM on March 10, 2004

Cheers for the clarification, Danelope. This seems to work for other apps. as well; Office, WMP etc.
posted by punilux at 10:49 AM on March 10, 2004

The other way to do this is to hold down control while clicking the close program button (the 'x'). This should also work with normal explorer windows.

It's one of the weird features added to the Windows OS that no one decided to document.
posted by mmcg at 1:27 PM on March 10, 2004

On the subject of IE fun, lately when I open a site in IE, the font has been resized to 'smaller' so I have to resize it by hand. Anyone know how to force it to default to medium?
posted by Pericles at 1:59 AM on March 11, 2004

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