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having a party in japan, need suggestions for the music. so far will be mostly a mix of jazz (old freddy hubbard, miles, lee morgan) and some more obscure funk from japan. i want to set up my ipod so i can just leave it running. just give me a brief few lines of what you might include for a spring party for a mixed group. (this 2 weeks a question is killing me )
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Put some classic Southern roots instrumental R&B on it. For example, get some greatest hits type collections by The Meters (from New Orleans) and Booker T and the MGs (Memphis). This stuff is not as well known in Japan as it should be, so you might turn some people on to it who've never really heard it before. Also, being instrumental, it will mix well with the jazz you have in mind, but will be a little more rollicking and party-like.
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If you look for "The Mighty Mellow" on Google, you can find a downloadable soundtrack that's perfect for just about any get-together, full of 70s soundtrack material and jazzy goodness.
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Second Meters and Booker T and the MGs. Also of interest would Konono No 1 (African band). Also of interest might be some 90's electronic music, Jacques Le Cont, DJ Shadow, RJD2 and The Avalanches all spring to mind.
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Look, if you're thinking classic jazz, but with a funky edge, you can't go wrong with the amazingly funky hard bop that Horace Silver kept putting out. And, since you're in Japan, and since The Tokyo Blues is one hell of an album, then the answer starts right there.
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Try some of The Verve Remixed (all albums are great).
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