Does Nikwax Work?
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Anyone here use Nikwax waterproofing? Is it good/does it require new coats often/most importantly: DOES IT STINK? (L'il more inside.)

I'm getting into doing my own waxed cotton, which (waxed cotton) rules. Why pay mega$ for Barbour or Driza-Bone when you can wax a $25 barncoat? Beeswax works (I did a pair of hemp boots with it), but beeswax has drawbacks. I have chemical allergies, and if Nikwax has a heavy odor, it's out. (Thanks.)
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I've used Nikwax's leather waterproofer on some boots, and I don't remember much of a smell of any sort, but I don't know about cotton waxing.
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Response by poster: ...but I don't know about cotton waxing.

Might be too thin, I suppose. Beeswax really works well, but of course you can't spray it on (and, um, the production process of procuring beeswax can hurt the little bees, if you care about that sort of thing...)
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