96 Jeep intrument panel mod?
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1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Mod: Is it possible, where are resources for, modifying/updating the instrument panel cluster?

I am hoping, would like, to pimp out the instrument panel cluster on my 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee to have a more modern look that possibly includes a center LCD display of much of the info already on the interior roof panel plus whatever other info might be possible.
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Anything is possible, if you're willing to spend the coin. The coin involved, assuming your time is free, is liable to exceed the blue book for an 11+ year old Grand Cherokee, which with average mileage (90K), condition (fair) and options, according to Kelly Blue Book, is about $3,170. And, with your mod, most potential buyers are going to be skeptical as heck about the rest of the vehicle. But that's not your question.

You could start here for a commercial interface to the vehicle's ECM system and OBD ports. But the cost of that system is 2x your vehicles value. You could look at some open source tools for access to your OBD port, but whether the OBD port even includes info from your overhead display is anyone's guess, until you suss out the device blocks, although I'd say it must, since the overhead displays are fed from somewhere.
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I hear ya Paul. I'm stuck with the vehicle for a few years worth of road trips yet and it is in well maintained condition to last a while, and was hoping to tart it up a bit, but not for blue book plus. Thanks for the starting point, I'll drill around, see if any oil pops up for me. Thanks again.
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