I'm looking for a story that I read back in 5th grade.
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I'm looking for a story that I read back in 5th grade.

I know the story wasn't new back then so I doubt the time frame will help. It was about a group of people who were sent somewhere to eventually hunt each other down(or something along those lines). I think it took place in a jungle, and i feel like everyone was kinda reluctant to do it. I think it might have had some deeper social meaning, but I was only 5th grade so I didn't realize it then. Thanks for the help guys.
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Best answer: The most obvious answer (though perhaps a bit advanced for 5th grade) is Lord of the Flies. Or maybe you mean the short story The Most Dangerous Game.
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Best answer: Maybe The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell.
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Surviving the Game (1994)
"The rules are simple: kill or be killed."
This movie is loosely based on Connell's 'The Most Dangerous Game.'

Here's the trailer for 'Surviving the Game.'
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I just noticed that is my 1,000th answer on AskMe.
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The Most Dangerous Game is only the most famous version of this extremely tired story, which is being trotted out yet again in the form of The Condemned, a new movie whose trailer I just today discussed with regard to this very issue in my blog (self-link).

Anyway, if the participants are that reluctant, it wasn't The Most Dangerous Game.
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bingo? what are you talking about? The narrator of the story is reluctant in a way. I just reread the story to be sure.
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Ah, you're right, frecklefaerie. It had been a while; I just skimmed it again.
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A few more recent titles in this "genre," in case you're interested: Battle Royale, The Manhattan Hunt Club, or the bizarro Italian film The 10th Victim.
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Could you be referring to "Tunnel in the Sky"?
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There's also Elizabeth Moon's Hunting Party, in which people are set up to hunt each other. This was published in 1993. Not sure if by 5th grade you mean you read it at school - if so, unlikely.
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There was a Hardy Boys Casefiles book where one group of people are hunting another group, like a safari. Not sure if there was any "deeper social meaning" in that one though. ;-)
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