Help me find my dad's email address?
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Can you help me find my dad's work email address? My dad works for Northrop Grumman Corporation's Integrated Systems in Melbourne, Florida.

I have not heard from my dad in a long time and would like to send him an email. I looked at Northrop Grumman's Integrated Systems' webpage to see if it listed employee email addresses, but it did not. I assume the company has a standardized protocol for assigning employee email addresses (i.e., Can you help me figure out that protocol? Can you help me find my dad's email address?
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google suggests both [first initial][last name] and [first name][last initial]
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it appears to be from this page.
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Second page of Google results for Northrop Grumman email gives a PDF file where a woman's email is given as [initial][surname] at, so you could try that format.
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PS That was in 2003, so j's findings may be more current.
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Response by poster: My Google search for "" yielded an email address like this:

That was for a guy that works at the same division as my dad. If anyone has a certain answer, please post!
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You could call the main number for Northrop Grumman in Melbourne, FL at (321) 951-5000 and ask for your dad by name, if you're comfortable just talking to him instead of saying hi by e-mail.

If you'd really rather do e-mail, call that number and say that you need to talk to someone in Integrated Systems -- you'll either be transferred or given a phone number to call to reach the division. When you get to a receptionist there, say you need to send an e-mail to your dad (use his name, don't say he's your father) and need his e-mail address. Odds are good the person will give it to you.
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One thing to consider is that if there are two people in an organization with the same name, often the naming scheme does something different, like adding a middle initial, or appending a number at the end.

NGC is a big company, so if your Dad has a common name there is at least a decent chance of this happening, so keep that in mind if you start trying combinations.
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A friend of mine worked for NG - from what I understand, the company is not necessarily that standardized as far as email is concerned - a lot of the divisions are formerly independent companies that may not even use an address. Plus the company often has many offices in one area - you may be better off attempting to contact him by phone.
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Response by poster: Yeah, Calloused_Foot, the last time I was in touch with him (2000?), his email address was not I remember the domain being more complicated and having a reference to his division in it.

Croutonsupafreak, if I can't find the email addresses suggested here don't pan out, I will take your suggestion.
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Best answer: kelly - email me.
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Response by poster: Hi ObscureReferenceMan! I just emailed you.
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Kelly, if ObscureReferenceMan doesn't work out, email me.
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I can second based on some work I did back in September with several IT folks from NG.
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Can you call the company and just ask for it? I mean, you'd hate to send an email to the wrong address, "Hi, I'm your kid, remember me?" Could send a lot of panic. LOL

Call them up and tell them you have to send him information and you lost it and need his address.
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Response by poster: You guys are great. Thanks for all the suggestions and help. I sent my dad an email!
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Response by poster: Final update: my dad wrote me back and we agreed to stay in touch. Thank you all. Problem solved!
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