Where can I find a simple sterling cuff bracelet in Toronto?
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Where on earth (well, specifically Toronto), can I buy a simple sterling silver cuff bracelet? What I thought would be a simple search has become almost comically fruitless.

I've looked in about a hijillion jewelry stores around here for the one piece of jewelry my girlfriend desperately lusts after: a simple sterling silver cuff bracelet, just like this or this.

Why don't I just buy those? They don't ship to Canada. Nuts.

For the life of me, I cant find one in Toronto. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of sliver cuffs out there - Birks has a few. But they all have detailing on them, patterns, cuts, doodads, etc.

How hard can it be to find a simple cuff in this city?

So Toronto mefites, do you know of any really kickass sterling jewelry stores in this city? Seen one of these cuffs in a displace case somewhere?
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If you have money to burn, just go to Tiffany's (http://www.tiffany.ca/shopping/item.aspx?sku=10659116&mcat=148218&page=8&menu=1&cid=96677).
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Rio Grande will ship to Canada. You'll have to fork out US$10 for their catalogue, but I think that might be a 'redeemable with first order' thing.

It has five pages of sterling cuffs. The ones most like what you're looking for are about US$30; it's a wholesale jewellers' supply.

You could also try Etsy...? Ebay?

Here -- I'm in Ottawa -- I'd look in Magpie; might be worth an e-mail to see if they have one they'd ship?
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I've had success in the past with a very friendly MeFite in Buffalo who shipped some stuff for me.
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Rio Grande indeed has silver cuffs. You specifically need the "Gem and Findings" catalog. The two bracelets you linked look like they are made by anticlastic raising. The ones listed in Rio for $30 are edged bracelets, which are a little different.

There are two that are like your example, a narrow taper and a wide taper for $90 and $116 respectively, both anticlastic. To order from Rio Grande you have to set up an account and I think they try to only sell to people who are connected with the trade.

You could order a catalog and try to set up an account. It costs 10 dollars but they send you a 10 dollar gift certificate with the catalog. If you have any problems and you're still haven't found one I can order from them and maybe we can work something out, email's in profile (I'm in the US).
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That would be very easy for either of these etsy users to make. Just email them and ask. (I've never bought anything from these people. I just did a search to see who was selling similar items).
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You might also try the geolocator option on etsy. There are tons and tons of metalsmith/jewelry people on etsy.
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Courage My Love on Kensington, perhaps?
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Thirding Rio Grande. I wasn't aware that they had started charging for the catalog, though. Be aware the prices quoted in the catalog may change depending on the price of silver. If you go with them, I would call and ask for their current spot price for silver to see how it compares with the one in the catalog so you don't have an unpleasant surprise.

They're actually quite good for all kinds of very basic silver jewelry - it's meant to be made fancier by the end user, so they sell very basic, simple stuff.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far. I guess I was looking for a bricks and mortal solution here in Toronto.

Something like "Hey, totally go to ABC Jewelers!"
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Fourth RioGrande. You do need a connection with the industry, but one of those categories is "student". I haven't used them much recently, but I did a lot of business with them a few years ago, and I'll vouch for them. The price is wholesale, and on the rare occasions I returned something, they gave me no grief whatsoever, even the shipping was reasonable. Their current catalog prices are based on silver at 10$/ounce, and it looks like the current price is about 14.50$. (Got a catalog last week.)
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